Business Technology Consulting

We help small businesses find solutions

What is Business Technology Consulting?

Over the years we have worked with many small to medium sized businesses, helping them with their online marketing and website design needs. What we have realized along the way is that in addition to having a new shiny website, small businesses need a way to easily integrate and streamline their “back-office” systems.

If any of the statements below sound like you, we can help.

  • I have my own domain, but I am still using Gmail (or worse, Hotmail or yahoo) for business email.
  • I pay my hosting company every year for services I don’t understand or don’t know if I need.
  • The power went out in my office and I lost all my data… and I don’t have a backup.
  • I don’t know how to provide my customers the ability to pay me online or make appointments online.
  • I use multiple providers for billing, email, marketing, project management, accounting, appointments in addition to all the excel spreadsheets that are floating around.
  • I spend too much on IT hardware and software and need to reduce cost.

If you can relate to the above, you are not alone.

How we can Help

We start with a FREE technology and process audit to quickly identify any “red flags”. These are areas in your systems and processes that can be streamlined and consolidated. This will help us determine if we can help you with your current issues.

Once you decide to engage us we can help by:

  • Consolidating services. For example, most web hosting plans provide business emails as well. We have helped customers who use free email or pay for email with another provider consolidate services.
  • Find cloud based software that are free or have low monthly fee to meet your needs. Why focus on cloud software? Easy setup, browser based access from any device, typically no up front investment in software or hardware.
  • Where possible identify opportunities for integrating your front end website with your back-office systems. For example, if you are the type of business that accepts appointments through your website, you want it to automatically update your booking system instead of you or your staff doing a manual update.
  • Finding solutions that don’t require a large up-front investment in hardware, software or setup fees.
  • Identify areas for reducing cost. This could be moving from paid to free services or taking advantage of services that you already pay for.