Email Marketing

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Email Marketing That Works

With a small investment of time and money, email marketing has over time proved to be a very effective component of an online marketing campaign for a business of any size and almost any industry. When done right, an email marketing campaign can provide a better ROI than most online marketing channels. The main benefits are;


If you have a tight marketing budget, email marketing is a great way to stretch that budget. Most providers offer pay-as-you go or monthly plans which allow you to send out an email to 1,000 subscribers starting as low as $10 or just free!


With emails you proactively communicate with your existing and prospective customers without waiting for them to visit your website or click on your ads. Your message is targeted and specific to achieving your objective, be it increase sales, drive traffic to your website or build loyalty.


Immediate results

The response you get with a well executed campaign which has a strong call to action is typically within 48 hours.


You know the recipient of your message, this allows you to customize and specifically target the message to your customer. This ensures that your message is relevant and increases the likelihood of the customer taking action.

How Can We Help?

  • We can help manage all aspects of your email marketing campaign so that you can sit back and enjoy the revenue.
  • We will help with defining your goals and coming up with your overall strategy for email marketing.
  • Designing a custom email template and ensuring that content is structured to maximize conversions.
  • Ensure that your emails allow your recipients to communicate with you via phone, email, social media and any other communication method that you can provide.
  • We will test your emails so that they appear correctly on popular email platforms.
  • Once your campaign has ended you would naturally want to know the results and analyze the results. We will help analyze the results and provide recommendations on how to make your next campaign even more successful.