That’s right, Facebook has done it again. They keep changing the image sizes & layouts from time to time, and we all have to start updating our pages AGAIN. So here’s a guide of the new sizes that will be rolled out to business pages on 4th April 2014. If you haven’t already adjusted your pages, it’s time to get it done…

Facebook Pages – Cover Photo & Profile Image

Cover photo – 851 px x 315 px
Profile Image – 168 px x 168 px

I would suggest saving the images in PNG format as it seem to have the best quality when uploaded.

If you want to do a more creative design together with the profile pic, the spacing on the left size between the cover photo and profile pic is 23px and from the top is 210px.

If you upload anything smaller than a 851px width, Facebook will stretch it to re size.

Here are some other sizes you might need if you manage Facebook Pages.

Photo Posts – 470 px x 394 px
Link Images – 246 px x 470 px
Anything smaller than 154 px will be reduced to 90 px ×90 px



Facebook Individual Profile

Individual profile sizes are given below, which are similar to the Facebook Pages dimensions as well.

Cover photo – 851 px x 315 px
Profile Image – 168 px x 168 px


Facebook Groups

Cover photo – 784 px ×250 px


Facebook Events

Event Photo – 784 px ×295 px

The event photo preview will be a 100 px x 100 px

So there it is folks. Hope it helps! Till next time Facebook decides to change things.. cheers!